Our Jungheinrich JUNGSTARS used forklift trucks not only look new, they offer maximum performance and a long useful life with their robust design.

All our used fork lift trucks are industrially refurbished in accordance with the Jungheinrich 5-star quality standards in Jungheinrich’s specially designed Dresden plant, Germany.

What do each of the 5 S.T.A.R.S. in JUNGSTARS mean for you?:







The refurbishment process performed on all our used forklifts follows an identical procedure of 6 separate steps. Each step is subject to strict quality controls.

Nothing escapes our attention, ensuring the very highest level of safety and reliability. This means you benefit from 5-star quality Jungheinrich ‘JUNGSTARS’ refurbished trucks, lower ownership costs and a higher resale value.

After these 6 steps to industry leading refurbishment are complete, even an expert finds it hard to tell the difference between a new truck and one that has been refurbished in the Jungheinrich used forklift facility.


Reconditioned by Jungheinrich in Dresden, Germany.

All Reconditioned Trucks come with a Full 12 Month Warranty.


Have a look at the Jungheinrich Reconditioning process in the Video below: