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Jungheinrich TFG 316 SP GE 115 480 DZ

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The refurbishment routine performed on our used trucks corresponds to a consistent and for all truck models identical procedure in 6 separate steps. During the entire process, each step is subject to strict quality controls.

As a result, nothing escapes our attention, which ensures the highest level of safety and reliability in every detail. You benefit from lower follow-up costs and a higher resale value. In short: Cost and benefit of our JUNGSTARS are unbeatable.

Our Jungheinrich JUNGSTARS used forklift trucks not only look new, they offer maximum performance and a long useful life with their robust design.

All our used forklift trucks are industrially refurbished in accordance with the Jungheinrich 5-star quality standards in Jungheinrich’s specially designed Dresden plant, Germany.


What do each of the 5 S.T.A.R.S. in JUNGSTARS mean for you?:







Reconditioned in Dresden, Germany by Jungheinrich. Distributed by The Forklift Team Cheshire, England.

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Model Types TFG 316 SP GE 115 480 DZ
Condition Reconditioned
Type Counterbalance
Power Gas
Hours 754
Truck Year 2014
Capacity (kg) 1600
Lift Height (mm) 4800
Mast Full Free Lift Triplex
Warranty 12 Month Warranty
Features Load guard sideshifter integrated 2 working spotlights at front flash light roof window leather seat extra hydraulics 1 function trailer coupling operation hour meter acoustic warning buzzer during reversing solo pilot
Delivery Time In Stock | 3 - 5 Days
Stock Number FN463940


Step 1:

At the incoming inspection, we determine the truck’s condition. As a rule, all safety-relevant and worn parts, such as tyres and brakes, are replaced with genuine spare parts.

Step 2:

Subsequently, the truck is dismantled and thoroughly cleaned. Operating materials, such as brake fluid, engine and hydraulic oils, are disposed of in an ecologically responsible way.

Step 3:

Now, the refurbishment process of each separate component starts. According to truck type, we replace tyres and springs, rework drawbars and axles, and insert new bearings and bolts. Gearbox and engine are restored, worn parts replaced. The battery is refurbished or changed. The lift mast is dismantled, while tubes and chains are changed.

Step 4:

Chassis and lift mast are primed, smoothed and painted. Once examined and – if necessary – repaired, overhead guard, steering system, sideshifter, tilt cylinder and battery are blasted with compressed air and freshly painted.

Step 5:

Chassis, lift mast and all components are reassembled and the truck is restored. The  finished truck is now as good as new.

Step 6:

Last but not least, the truck undergoes a final inspection by means of a functional test with rated load. Each truck completes its industrial refurbishment as a Jungheinrich JUNGSTAR in premium quality, including a safety certificate as well as a personal quality promise by the technician in charge.



Contract Hire with or without Maintenance 

Similar to a Finance Lease, a Contract Hire allows you to rent the asset from us via Close Brothers Asset Finance while you need it. The key difference between the two is that a Contract Hire is only for part of the asset’s useful life.

This means you pay a reduced rental because the cost is based on the difference between the asset’s original purchase price and its residual value at the end of the agreement.

You get full use of the asset for as long as you need it, without the burden of responsibility of disposing of it or recouping its residual value.

If you choose to have maintenance then this is included in the monthly repayments and you can relay on The Forklift Team to come out and fix the truck. This also covers any LOLER certification that is required on the asset and servicing.

Benefits of Contract Hire

  • Low initial outlay – Quick access to the asset you need without a heavy upfront investment
  • Freedom – Full use of the asset without having to buy it outright
  • Flexibility – Option to re-rent, purchase or return the asset at the end of the term
  • Pay less – Rental cost is reduced as it is based on a percentage of the original capital cost
  • Off balance sheet funding
  • Reduce costs – Reclaim VAT on rentals

Hire Purchase – Spread the cost over time

Hire Purchase enables you to acquire an asset while paying for it in instalments over an agreed timescale – the term. At the end of the term, you have the option to purchase the asset outright.

Far more flexible than a conventional loan, Hire Purchase lets you spread the cost of your investment over the life of the asset, making it easier to budget. Hire Purchase is particularly suitable for acquiring vehicles, machinery, construction and commercial equipment with a resell value.

Benefits of Hire Purchase

  • More time to repay – Spread the cost over the life of the asset
  • Seasonality – We can structure repayments to take account of seasonal fluctuations in your cash flow
  • Keep control – You are the owner of the asset for tax purposes and can normally claim capital allowances
  • Tax efficient – You can offset your hire purchase interest and charges against pre-tax profits
  • Reclaim VAT on the capital cost (there are special rules for cars)


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If you would like more information on this Forklift Truck or would like to submit an offer. Please do so in the contact box to the right. Please include the serial number too. 

Unit 7, Montague road, Widnes, Cheshire, WA8 8FZ
0151 420 3244

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