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Jungheinrich EJC M10 / M13 ZT

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EJE M10 / M13 ZT


The EJC M10 ZT/M13 ZT was specially developed for the internal transfer of lightweight goods. The 0.6 kW drive motor is ideal for the transport of pallets and goods weighing up to 1300 kg over short distances.

The duplex mast, which is available in 4 different heights from 2300 to 3300 mm, makes the EJC M10 ZT/M13 ZT ideal for occasional picking as well as the stacking of pallets. Advantageous for this is the low frame height which ensures that even shorter operators have optimum visibility of the fork tips.

Thanks to the maintenance-free, powerful 3-phase AC motor, energy consumption is reduced. This offers the best conditions for fast and cost-effective goods throughput.

The compact design of the EJC M10 ZT and its low front end length (l2) of just 535 mm also guarantee maximum manoeuvrability for use in confined spaces. A gel battery used in conjunction with a built-in charger allows for flexible operation, without having to fill up the battery with water.

The EJC M13 ZT draws its energy from the 160-Ah lead acid battery. A built-in charger allows easy charging of the battery at any standard socket.


Quality engineering – Designed in Germany.


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Model Types EJC M10 / M13 ZT
Condition New - Order
Type Pallet Stacker, Pallet Truck
Power Electric
Hours NEW
Truck Year 2019
Capacity (kg) 1000 - 1300
Mast Standard
Warranty 12 Month Warranty
Features Over 20 Optional extras
Delivery Time 14 - 30 Days
Service Options Optional service plan


Motors with 3-phase AC technology offer many advantages and more efficiency, as well as reduced operating costs thanks to the perfect pairing with our own controllers:

  • High efficiency levels with excellent energy management.
  • Rapid direction change.
  • Maintenance-free drive motor.

Battery and components are protected and the efficiency is increased through economic energy management:

  • Intelligent automatic shut-off engages after 30 minutes without use.
  • Energy recovery due to regenerative braking when decelerating.

For use in tight spaces the EJC M10/M13 is perfect:

  • Optimum view of the fork tips at any height due to low frame height and optimised visibility through the mast.
  • Central arrangement of all important control instrumentation such as the battery discharge indicator, the hour meter, emergency disconnect and key.
  • Sufficient storage space.
  • Clip pad (EJC M13 ZT).

Optimal adaptation of the trucks to the ergonomic needs of the operator:

  • Reduced force required while steering due to low-mounted tiller.
  • Dual-sided operation of tiller handle for ergonomic and safe use.

EJC M10 / M13

  • EJC M10 ZT: Maintenance-free gel battery 24 V/105 Ah.
  • EJC M13 ZT: Integrated 160-Ah battery ensures a long service life.
  • Built-in charger for easy charging at any 230-V mains socket.

A number of safety provisions reduce the operator’s risk of injury. Consequently, maximum safety is guaranteed:

  • The low ground clearance of just 30 mm significantly reduces the risk of foot injuries.
  • Additional protection due to completely closed frame and optimised visibility on the mast.
  • Safe working even in confined spaces thanks to the upright tiller and depressed crawl speed button.

EJC M10 / M13

  • The EJC M10/M13 ZT with duplex mast is available in the lift heights 2300 mm, 2500 mm, 2900 mm and 3300 mm.


Contact Information

This forklift has been designed and manufactured by Jungheinrch in Germany. We are a direct UK partner and provide all Jungheinrich forklift trucks.

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