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Jungheinrich EFG 110 / 113 / 115

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EFG 110 / 113 / 115 – Three wheel truck 1.0 – 1.5t


Rear-wheel drive, compact design, high performance data and optimum ergonomically optimised working conditions – these are the strengths of our EFG 110k/110-115 electric three-wheel counterbalanced fork lift trucks.

The design allows for high manoeuvrability, as well as fast manoeuvring in HGVs, wagons and containers. The ergonomic and performance-enhancing cockpit is characterised by a low entry height of only 520 mm. This guarantees easy and safe boarding.

Individual adjustment options for all operator sizes are possible thanks to the adjustable steering column and the 3-way adjustable comfort seat. At 2090 mm high, the comfort high roof offers plenty of headroom (container roof with a height of 1970 mm optional).

The hydraulic levers and soloPILOT (raising/lowering, direction change and horn in one lever) are comfortably situated for the operator’s hands. The excellent all-round visibility increases safety.

The comfort display is configured for viewing when looking in the direction of the forks. All service-relevant data is stored. Clear text displays provide information about operating hours as well as the battery charge (including lift cut-out).

With low steering/lever positioning forces, the power generated by the 3-phase AC motor, summarised as per IP 54, is easily adjusted. Dynamic, smooth acceleration is optimally supported by the conventional accelerator/brake pedal configuration. The EFG 110k/110-115 electric three-wheel counterbalanced fork lift truck is convincing both indoors and outdoors.


Quality engineering – Made in Germany.


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Model Types EFG 110 / 113 / 115
Condition New - Order
Type Counterbalance
Power Electric
Hours NEW
Truck Year 2019
Capacity (kg) 1000 - 1500
Warranty 12 Month Warranty
Features Over 300 Optional extras
Delivery Time 8 - 10 Weeks
Service Options Optional service plan

Li-ion technology made by Jungheinrich


Using our optional lithium-ion technology, you will easily outrun the competition: lasting performance, fast charging times and zero maintenance. Choose the full li-ion power with our 6-month satisfaction guarantee as well as our 5-year guarantee on your li-ion battery.


EFG 1 Series

  • First-class design of operator seat, high performance data and low life-cycle costs give an outstanding price/performance ratio.

EFG 1 Series

  • Full rated capacity up to 4500 mm (EFG 115) or 5000 mm (EFG 110k/110/113) can be achieved. This is due to excellent stability and safety.

EFG 1 Series

  • Drive and lift motor with 3-phase AC technology with excellent thermal economy (no fans required).

Relaxed, fatigue-free work, even during long shifts due to ergonomically designed workstation:

  • Standard comfort high roof for superior headroom.
  • Outstanding visibility through panorama mast and fork carriage.
  • Comfortable operation due to combined travel direction/hydraulic lever or multiPILOT (optional).
  • Easier hydraulic power steering (5.2 revolutions for 180º steering angle).

EFG 1 Series

  • Single-piece metal cover ensures quick and easy access to the battery compartment.
  • Dirt, damp and water-resistant motors due to encapsulated design and electronic components complying to IP 54.
  • Prolonged service intervals: only every 1000 operating hours or every 12 months.
  • Hydraulic steering with fully encapsulated cog-wheel system.
  • Maintenance and wear-free motors in AC technology.

EFG 1 Series

  • 3-phase AC technology ensures optimum performance.
  • Energy recovery system.
  • Omission of motor fans.
  • Significantly prolonged work cycles and correspondingly reduced battery exchange.
  • Progressive lowering brake valve, allows equal lowering speed with and without load.

EFG 1 Series

  • Impulse AC technology steering, allows sensitive driving.
  • Programmable performance parameters ensure flexibility.
  • 5 selectable travel programs (optional).
  • Automatic reduction of travel speed when cornering by curveCONTROL (optional).

EFG 1 Series

  • Combination of the lifting/lowering, travel direction switch and horn functions in one control lever.
  • Operation of the additional functions – forward/backward tilting, sideshift (optional) and additional hydraulics (optional) with controls positioned directly in line.

EFG 1 Series

  • Combination of all drive and hydraulic functions into one central control lever.
  • Smooth activation of all control commands without moving the hand.
  • Ergonomically optimised handle.
  • Also possible to smoothly operate several hydraulic functions at the same time.

EFG 1 Series

  • Maintenance-free drive with fully enclosed 3-phase AC motors with no carbon brushes.
  • Resistant to dust, dirt and damp.
  • Excellent thermal economy (fans are not required) due to drive and lift motor in 3-phase AC technology.


Contact Information

This forklift has been designed and manufactured by Jungheinrch in Germany. We are a direct UK partner and provide all Jungheinrich forklift trucks.

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