360-degree protection by Jungheinrich

A warehouse is not a playground. But it should be just as safe.


Because processes are growing more dynamic and complex, your warehouse environment is a major source of risk. That’s why it is no longer enough to only protect individual hazard areas – the entire warehouse needs to be safe. As a responsible family-based company and a leading provider of intralogistics solutions, we are always vigilant. Our many safety and assistance systems offer you 360-degree protection for all areas of the warehouse. We make sure warehouse safety really will be child’s play for you in future.



Everything safely under control.

Safety for all parts of the warehouse.

Our 360-degree protection covers all five risk areas in warehouse environments. Safety solutions from Jungheinrich provide protection for people, goods, warehouse equipment, machines and data. With more than 60 years of experience, we support you in helping identify critical situations in advance, in helping to minimise the risk of accidents and in enhancing warehouse safety in all areas. Our focus is always on helping you to remain competitive. After all, more safety also means more need to watch costs and protect your investment.



1. Protecting people.

Because people are the most important.

Our end-to-end safety concept is something you can rely on. We offer a number of vehicle options to help protect your employees against collisions with forklift trucks or other accidents in the warehouse. And because the health of your employees is close to our hearts, we help to ensure your workplace is designed based on ergonomic principles, so your drivers can work safely, ergonomically and efficiently.


Because you can’t always have your eyes everywhere.

Jungheinrich pedestrian detection system.

The Jungheinrich reversing camera with person detection reduces the risk of collisions caused by reversing forklifts. If a person is in the hazard area, the system will immediately release a visual and audible alarm.





2. Protecting goods.

Reliable protection for your valuable goods.

Your stored goods are a valuable asset. Different assistance systems help you to protect them properly, while saving both time and costs. This means you not only protect your goods and your employees, but also your warehouse productivity and ability to deliver.


Well protected at every turn.

Jungheinrich curveCONTROL.

The curveCONTROL driver assistance system improves forklift stability and helps to ensure maximum driving safety by automatically reducing cornering speed when necessary.



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